In Desperation

by In Desperation

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released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved


In Desperation Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Cancer In the Flock
Cancer in the Flock
Take what you will while you can,
they wont say a thing.
What you cant hear wont hurt you,
and nothing is worth remembering.
No one will believe you anyways,
the righteous forget you and lead you astray.

Cancer inhuman, diseased and divine,
washed away with communion, drink the wine.

Wolves in black robes roll in packs,
holy Vatican, the den for their attacks.
Manifested by decades of disease,
visions of the holy ghost brought to his knees.
My father confirms suspicions that the profits have been misspent.
Your father has his hands out, tithing and repent.

Cancer unholy diseased and divine,
washed away with communion, drink the wine.

Give us something holy,
but allegations and court cases.
Give us something divine,
anything to believe in.
Track Name: Cell Five
Cell #5
Level one-get your head examined,
why does this one act the way he does?
Brought him in off the streets last night,
disassociated, didn’t know who he was.
We have seen a lot of this lately,
these new kids wired wrong.
Their feet never seem to quit moving,

and they always sing this same sad song....
"Oh where have my dreams gone?
where could they be?"

Level two-come tests and observation.
Analyze the way he talks and breathes.
Stick the needles in further,
pull from the body the cause of disease.

Level three-induce the chemicals.
Take this pill and keep in line.
Empty your pockets, here’s your number
this is the answer you tried to find.
There’s nothing in streets but heartache,
its the whitewashed solution you need.
You run around holding hands with grief,
dreams are useless when you never sleep.
Track Name: Luke Rhinehart Syndrome
Luke Rhinehart Syndrome
Fixated on "this isn’t me"
Well what is consistency but vulnerability.
Who’s personality are we meant to live,
besides the ones that we cant change.

The analysis is, everyone is overanalyzing.
Pull your folder and find the right drawer,
categorized and monopolized.
Roll the dice
Choose your suicide

Crushed by the weight of who you’re supposed to be,
no account for changes and needs,
whitewashed routine breeds insanity
Which genre is “me”
Track Name: Bookburner
My head spins at the thought of the past.
It seems someday has come.
A stray from the flow of the path,
some chapters go on for too long.
You may rip the pages from the book,
manic resonation in your head.

Some people read the last page first,
but still want to know what they haven't read.
I always know how they end,
but I never see where they begin.

I've written the first line,
riding the coat tail of despair.
I'm hoping I have said for the last time,
"I just don’t care"

Salvation cultured in destruction,
new ways carved into sand.
Rebirth in a bath of poison
pray for the death of modern man.

The chapters are gone,
all the pages are white.
The books are all blank,
but no one knows how to write
Track Name: Life On Overdraft
Trillions spent and not regulated
Work ethic: working until were dead
The security I thought I had
Has been gambled away.

Borrowed money, sold time

That’s how we think “I’ll get mine”
“Will you spend your life living?”
We all live it spending.
Spiraling down to a timeline of being free.

There is a price on fun,
There is a headache in celebration.
The more you have
The more hands are out to take it.

Someday I’ll be off their list
Someday the collectors will quit
Track Name: The Watcher
He lurks in the darkness,
dressed for the night.
Haunting thoughts and actions,
but he stays out of sight.
Fevered nausea runs through me,
Pierce’s through insecurities.

Faceless, but I feel your eyes on me.
Nameless, I know you control me.

Cold sweats, I lay in fear.
How long have you been here?
Haunting my thoughts,
the watcher of actions.

Beware the smell of the oil.
Its time now...
4:45 and he's coming in,
no disturbance just give him
two shots of gin.

He bothers no one,
but the patrons cringe in fear.
What are you doing here?
South Bridge tombstones swallow souls.
Progress on exile,
foundations built on holes.
Fear moves through me,
as we cross paths.
We're both misled,
and on the wrong tracks.
Poor soul, little do they know,
you control them.
Control them.
Track Name: White Light
Clouded head, we live in crowded rooms,
people want to know what we’ve been through.
Live on the outside, scratch our way to the top.
Fight to survive with no hope at all.
I’ve been trying to leave this place so long,
Fight poisonous self destruction,
Resistance lived in cathartic song.
Fucked up beyond all relief,
Some try to cease to be.

Lived in the middle of monotony,
Never seen the top or the bottom.
Everyday seems like the lowest point,
Wake up running, brain rotting.

The clouds in the sky are darker today,
It’s no easy solution for me.
Fight off disease with a smile on my face,
I’m still not free.

When the light consumes the dark,
You have lost the will.
When white consumes blackness,
You have swallowed the pill.
Familiar faces turn into strangers,
Chemicals rid the air you breathe
Silenced the voice inside your head
free to roam with the sheep.
Track Name: Resisted Incubation
View the world through a broken lens,
stick by grudges and never forgive.
Mind static distorts perceptions,
enabled self destruction.
What are the thoughts running through your mind,
life is easy and everything's fine.
Try to keep the path against the grain,
finding solace in something that will never change.
I want to set the world on fire,
but instead I sacrifice my desires,
to the ones that keep my pockets empty.
And I'm not moving.

At what point to we forget,
the ideas stuck in our head?
of conditioning and feeling regret.
23 years knowing the world isnt right,
but your family tells you thats just life.
Not my life.

Bound by the past, and doomed to repeat
lives dictated by memories.
Conscience weighed down by a hundred years,
the past and present ring in my ears.
We've been cursed by routines,
thinking how will we eat.
Cursed by past lives and monotony.
Seeking a way out but bound by the chains,
dead with a heartbeat, nothing will change.

Finding the way out begins with the knife,
six inches deeper will save your life.
Drain me of light.
Are you worth what you can sell?
Have you sold your soul to hell?
We waste half the time we're awake,
the other half too lethargic to live.

I don’t know the slogans,
Don’t shake my hand.
My allegiance doesn’t belong to man.
I want a breakup of rules and safety,
anything that gives us identity.
Track Name: Seafarer
We roam the cities
We roam the streets
We roam the continents for some sort of clarity
The heart turns to open roads
Staying put is where my heart goes cold
My home is full of strangers
But I feel we have met before
The road always changes
It’s a good distraction until I find what I’m looking for

So hit the gas
Pound the pavement
Stay ahead of reality
You wonder when will I settle down
That’s just not a choice for me.

Travel far on the paths of the sea
Fleeting on the land, I do not believe.
Through all the corners of the world, it comes back to me
Eager and unsated the lone flyer screams.
Neareth nightshade, snoweth from north,
Frost froze the land, hail fell on earth
Leave me with the sea.
Let the earth crumble beneath

When the road ends we say goodbye
Heres to growing up and changing minds.

Rest your eyes, chase hardwood sleep
Rest your mind from monotony
Familiar faces forever forgotten
Minds changed and promises broken
This is the end of the road
And were never going home.